Why are we called "NCPC?"

"NCPC"  are the initials standing for New Covenant Presbyterian Church. We are simply a group of people who have banded together by God’s providence. God has sovereignly drawn us geographically from within the coastal Sussex Region into community, as a local body of believers. Although we are still sinners, we love to gather together not only to meet with God in worship each Sunday, but also to cherish the interaction with each other as we journey through life, with its highs and its lows. We are God’s family; and with that status, we enjoy all the its privileges as well as sharing in all of its responsibilities.

NCPC is a "GRACE PLACE".  By God’s design, it is not the place where justice is meted out for our shortcomings;  it is a place where mercy and grace are actually experienced. Instead of getting what is deserved due to our alienation from God though personal sin, we experience forgiveness, love, hope, encouragement, and instruction in regarding what man is to believe concerning God and what duty God requires of man (see Westminster Confession of Faith Shorter Catechism #3)


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