Churches typically focus on only one of following three Biblical expectations: Sound Doctrine, Spiritual Formation, and Kingdom Activity. Some denominations may specialize is getting you to believe right, or to feel good (close to God), or to do great things (experiencing a meaningful life through service to God and to others). At New Covenant, our passion is to see God’s will as expressed in Ephesians 1:4 come to pass….that we would be made both "holy" and "blameless" before God. We want to see God’s children become Godly men and Godly women of faith. As the writer of Hebrews indicates, we long to have the saints move towards a mature faith, so that you need not be tossed to-and-fro with the latest fad that is advanced either in culture or in religion (See James 1:3-6).   Interestingly, the idea of maturity is inherent in the term for which we are identified:  Presbyterian. Our English term was literally trans-literated from the Greek and means that we are led by "elders of the faith."  It is not about physical age, but about spiritual seasoning. We are not to be led by novices of the faith, but by those who by reason of experience are walking with God, as was the case with men of old such as Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Paul, and Barnabus.

NCPC has a heart to communicate the good news. We seek for opportunity after opportunity to reach others with this blessed message of hope. Although this gospel is by nature a stumbling block to many because it speaks of a salvation by grace, we believe it is the best news that has ever been told.  Grace does not sit well with those who are trying to be good enough;  Grace is not a comfort those who think that God will grade you on a curve;  Grace robs you of confidence in your intentions, efforts, and accomplishments. Grace is when you get what you do NOT deseve.  If you deserved heaven, then it is not of works (See Eph. 2:8-9)

God is in the business of drawing people to Himself (see the illustration in John 10 regarding the shepherd gathering his sheep). NCPC was started in the hearts of people like you and me who were drawn by God to step out in faith; it is still a place where the Great Shepherd gather’s His flock to feed on the word and to be protected from the evil one (see the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6) and from his schemes and vain philosophical substitutes (see Ephesians 6:4-10).

We believe that God has placed us here in Lewes/Rehoboth corridor as a lighthouse along the coast…to shine as the beacon of hope and as a light to pointing the way to God through His word. We are thrilled to see our attendance rise with the arrival of the “summer birds” every summer. We gladly welcome the summer crowd of both individuals and families who desire to call NCPC their “other church home.” But be assured, we are preparing so that many of those who permanently relocate to the coastal Sussex will also settle with us, becoming a part of our church family.

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