Deniene Dailey

Program Coordinator

A Glendora, California native, Deniene was the Area Director for the Inland Valley Young Life area until moving to Delaware in 2002. Deniene has continued to volunteer in numerous volunteer youth ministry positions with Young Life until 2013. She has served as the Chesapeake Regional Coordinator for Wyldlife, a Young Life Staff Intern trainer, and she has been a speaker at middle school summer camps for Wyldlife. Deniene also works in property management and runs her own cleaning business. She lives with Scott in Lewes, and they have three grown children. Men are terrified to play tennis against her, she has a habit of being speaking her mind, and refuses to be bound by speed limits.

Scott Dailey

Executive Director

A Rockville, Maryland native, Scott was a high school English teacher who moved to Lewes in 1999 to work as the Young Life area director. After getting married, adopting three children, and changing careers, Scott is currently the Managing Partner for Capstone Homes, a regional homebuilder at the Delaware beaches. Scott also has been active in commercial and residential real estate development, property management, and real estate sales. Scott and his wife remained active in local youth ministry as volunteers until 2013, when they transitioned out of youth ministry after 19 years. He lives near Lewes, and he and his wife have three grown children. Scott plays a mean game of trivia, wishes he was better at playing guitar, and has no idea how to communicate without sarcasm.

John Gross

Charter Board Member

A Westmont, New Jersey native, John was a music teacher and worship director at several churches before landing at New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Lewes, Delaware in the summer of 2013. John is currently a Sales Associate for Capstone Homes where he works with his boss, Scott Dailey. John has a passion for teaching young adults about gospel-driven worship and enjoys reading the works of Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Together with his wife, Amanda, he routinely leads worship at New Covenant and just recently finished a Sunday school class on the history of church music. He lives in Milton with his wife and they have a three-year-old son. John can quote any line from any Seinfeld episode, wishes he could dance despite having a devastating medical condition known as "Presbyterian Hip Syndrome", and for some reason needs be continually reminded that Christ's perfect performance for him perpetually outshines his meager performance for Christ.

Christian Hudson

Charter Board Member

A Lewes, Delaware native, Christian is president of Hudson Management, a third-generation family private equity company with assets in the US, Canada and Costa Rica. In his spare time Christian loves to garden, read nonfiction, and is an avid hunter. He is not, however, a good shot. A 12th generation local of Sussex County Delaware, he and his wife have 4 children and are looking forward to raising the 13th generation. Christian is looking forward to watching Christ work in their lives the way He has in his. Christian is looking forward to watching Christ work in their lives the way He has in his.

Michael Yurik

Charter Board Member

A Rochester, New York native, Mike spent a few years in New York City and St. Louis, MO working in various roles in ministry and completing his seminary training before accepting a call as an Assistant Pastor at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. Mike has a deep passion for ministry, hoping to disciple people in what it means to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and because of that relationship, live a transformed life. He met his wife, Katherine, while attending seminary in 2012 and they married in 2013. She is his best encourager. Mike enjoys destroying people in board games and card games, but needs to work on his Bible trivia skills, and is a little too good at the art of sarcasm.

Robert Dekker

Charter Board Member, Senior Pastor, New Covenant Church

A Baltimore, Maryland native, Robert was the 5th of 8 children, the 2nd son of a immigrant preacher. From this unique heritage, God also called Robert into the gospel ministry, to follow in many of the same footsteps as his dad. He, like Jonah, tried to run away from this difficult calling, but God captured his heart while serving as an intern in the U.S. Senate. After that, he began to study how “to be ready to give the hope for the reason within him” (See I Peter 3:15). Robert’s passion “to communicate the gospel by word and by deed” drives him to help individuals (of all ages) to move spiritually from where each one is, to where God would have that person to be. Pastor Robert was ordained in the PCA in 1995; God has given him the opportunity to pastor in many states (MD, MS, PA, SC, TN, FL,& DE) and to preach/sing of God’s love around the world on a variety of short-term mission trips. Robert has been married for 20 years to a wonderful lady, and together they have been blessed with 4 great kids.

Jerry O’Neill

Board Member

A Delaware native, Jerry is an insurance agent for NALP focusing on the senior market. A graduate of University of Delaware (B.S. in Accounting), Jerry swore off the State of Delaware upon graduation. He moved around the county to major metropolitan areas (Greensboro NC, Fairfax Va, and Silicon Valley CA. (15 years) and worked in a variety of positions including Cost Accounting, International Operation (accounting), Mortgage sales, Semiconductor sales and Fortune 500 Software sales until returning to his roots in Delaware in 2004. He realizes the overall living conditions in Delaware exceed any other state he has experienced. He enjoys the companionship of his wife Melissa (8 years) and gave his life to Christ in 2006. He currently serves as a Deacon at New Covenant and is a Big Brother w/ that organization. He is a kid that never grew up while enjoying Kite Surfing, Hobie Cat sailing, ocean sports, running marathons (or should i say “one” Marathon). He seeks to serve God in all that he does but receives continuuos Grace and patience from God as he grows in his walk.

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