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Perhaps you struggle with pornography or you know someone who does - it's as near as the click of a mouse.  Or maybe you struggle in other areas such as battling an onslaught of impure desires, extra-marital sex, same-sex attraction, and/or lust.  Undoubtedly, you've felt the force of temptation.  As men, we're in this together.  How do we maintain sexual integrity in a world so sexually charged and yet so sexually confused?  By being with other men who have struggled with such issues.

Important things to know about our Sexual Integrity Ministry:

  1. This group is confidential!  We are very careful about confidentiality.  Only the leaders of the group and those who attend will know who is in the group.
  2. Temptations in these areas can hit anyone at any time regardless of age or spiritual maturity.  We do not want to make light of the seriousness of sin, but often we feel like we are the only ones who struggle in these areas.  The truth is all of us know what it is like to be tempted in these areas and many of us have given in to temptations as well.  God offers us freedom, wholeness and restoration through Jesus.
  3. The group focuses on getting to the core issues of idolotry in our hearts that cause us to look for something other that God to fill our hearts.
  4. The group focuses on building accountability.  We need to be ready to be open and honest, commit to confidentiality, and commit to supporting each other.
  5. There is hope. Men, together and with God, we can and will be set free.

    This ministry is now mostly on line. In order to get information and/or be included in the meetings, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.